Back to School Activities in Speech Language Therapy

It has been almost one month since school has started in the school district where I work. I have gotten to know my new students, heard summer stories from my returning students, and managed to take baseline data on many of their IEP goals. 

The majority of my caseload are students who have receptive and expressive language disorders. I used a variety of resources and activities to collect beginning of the year or baseline assessment data on specific skills related to their IEP objectives. 

For example,  I used my Back to School-Synonyms & Antonyms, Back to School- Irregular Plural Nouns & Irregular Past Tense Verbs, and my Back to School Word Associations activity packets to gather information on vocabulary and grammar language targets. 

I also used my Beach Themed Monster Truck Activity- Synonyms & Antonyms, Beach Themed Multiple Meanings Memory Activity, and Basic Concepts Baseline Data & Progress Check Activity to gather information from other students as well. 

These activities are all available in my online store here:

Other favorite resources that I used were the Quick Take Along Mini-book Series by Super Duper to elicit students’ knowledge of vocabulary and grammar concepts. You can get more info on these resources here:

I hope you are having a great start to the school year! Add these resources to your inventory list and use them to foster speech-language success in your students!!
Tamara Anderson, M.S. CCC-SLP

Summer Freebie!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am having a great time. I have done some traveling and decided to create another beach themed language activity. One of the best parts of this activity is that it’s a freebie that is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) online store. I know that we all work so hard throughout the school year and also in private practice with our students and clients. I want to reward you all with an activity that will be useful and visually appealing.

One of my favorite places to visit during the summer is Ormond Beach, Florida that is located on the east coast, a little north of Daytona Beach and south of Flagler Beach. While there, I saw a caravan of “Monster Trucks” and decided to capture the moment. I thought, “wow, my boy students would love to see these photographs!!” Hence, I created Beach Themed Monster Trucks-Synonyms & Antonyms to target comprehension and verbal expression of the specific vocabulary listed.  As you other speech-language pathologists know, direct vocabulary instruction is essential for our students with language disorders who struggle with developing their vocabulary. They require a lot of drill and repetition as well as naturalistic ways to practice identifying and communicating key vocabulary words. Addressing vocabulary in speech-language therapy or language arts/literacy lessons is critical to increasing students’ communication, language, and overall academic development. 

You can check out more details about this product at:

Enjoy the remainder of the summer!! I have exactly 1 week left before I return to work full-time! I can not believe my summer break is coming to an end. 

Tamara Anderson
SLP on Summer Break!! 

March Mania & Spring Fever: English/Language Arts Common Core Style

My school district is already in the final stretch for the school year as we are in the  midst of the final nine weeks of instruction and have ONE more week before SPRING BREAK!! This is the time of year when speech-language pathologists and teachers focus on the remaining skills we desire for our students to learn. In the speech-language classroom, the typical vocabulary echoes throughout the room: story elements, main idea, supporting details, fiction, non-fiction, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, word associations, BREATHE, basic concepts, following directions, idioms, similes, compare, contrast, cause, effect, fact, opinion, BREATHE, parts of speech, irregular plural nouns, irregular past tense verbs, types of sentences, summarize, and REPEAT!! Last month, my school had a “March Madness” theme and many students received extra instructional time during SPECIALS (e.g. music, art, P.E., etc.) to improve either English/Language Arts or Math skills that needed remediation.   

For the past 3 weeks, I focused on reviewing English/Language Arts common core standards questions with my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade speech-language students in their usual therapy sessions. I created a set of 36 English/Language Arts questions based on common core standards relevant to skills that I address in my speech-language therapy sessions with my students.   

During each session, I put a red token next to each learning question card.  Each page had 6 questions and 6 tokens. Students got to pick up a token when they answered a question correctly. They were very competitive and eager to see who would earn the most tokens.  I told them that their goal is always to try and beat their highest individual score. I have to admit that it has been quite exciting and interesting in the speech room lately.  Most of my students are happy and cheer when they earn the most tokens or “learning points” while I’ve had one to cry because he didn’t win.  The latter moment is when I switch into my unofficial title of counselor, mentor, listening ear and shoulder to cry on! YIKES! The joys of elementary education…I digress…

Anyhow, here are links to the awesome and time saving materials I created:

After a few sessions reviewing questions using my classroom original, I photocopied  individual learning packets of these questions for my students. We completed the packets in class by circling the correct responses from a field of 4 choices and writing the correct vocabulary word in the cloze sentences. My students took the packet home after each session for independent practice. 

This is a great way to incorporate the English/Language Arts Common Core Standards into speech-language therapy sessions and also help prepare students for end of year state tests.

The 4th grade and 5th grade learning sets are coming soon!!! The 4th grade set has 42 learning questions including questions related to idioms and similes! 

These learning activities may be used with an accompanying basketball game. The custom made illustrations and game pieces will be available soon. Check back again soon!! 

4/8/13 Update The 4th grade English/Language Arts Common Core Standards learning packet is available and now has 48 questions. Don’t hesitate to click on the link below! 🙂

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