I look forward to working with you to enhance your SLP work success. During consultation, I will provide success tips and guidelines to increase your work productivity, efficiency, and best practices implementation. I will not discuss specific cases of children on your caseload during consultation. Rather, I will discuss activities and strategies that may work best with children with specific communication disorders and other disability areas (e.g. learning disabilities). Schedule your SLP consultation session.


Additionally, I provide guidance for SLPs who desire to further monetize their knowledge and skills through additional revenue streams. Are you curious what this involves? Send me a message below and sign up for my newsletter. You will begin receiving updates soon!



I also look forward to working with organizations and educators who desire guidance on building the communication, language, and literacy skills of children. Contact me to schedule an educational consultative session or professional workshop.



If parents need speech-language therapy services for their child, I am available to provide speech, language, and literacy evaluations and intervention services. If you live outside of the metro Atlanta area, contact a licensed and ASHA certified SLP in your area for these services. The information provided on this website for parents is a valuable resource.  However, the resources shared should not be substituted for an evaluation and intervention from a licensed speech-language pathologist. I am available to lead group parent workshops about speech/language development as well as ways to encourage communication, language, and literacy skills in children.


I value your feedback, questions, and comments. Fill out the information below and I will respond to your message regarding your needs. Speech-language pathologists and educators contribute to building successful lives of children and adolescents. I encourage you to continue working towards making your contribution a positive one.


Tamara Anderson

Building Successful Lives

Speech & Language Services




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