Welcome to Building Successful Lives Speech & Language Services. I am Tamara Anderson, an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, education specialist,  and SLP success coach who designs informal assessments and therapeutic activities for therapists to use with children. As a coach, I enjoy teaching and guiding pediatric SLPs on how to improve their work productivity and efficiency while maintaining their focus on building  speech and language skills in diverse clients and learners. Additionally, I provide speech, language, and literacy evaluations as well as therapy for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children. As an educational consultant, I promote student gains in communication, language, and literacy. I have specialized training in educational assessment, curriculum design and differentiated instruction for diverse learners.

Since 2004, I have enjoyed working as a pediatric and adult speech-language pathologist. I have skillfully managed diverse caseloads and balanced work tasks in the school, early intervention, outpatient pediatric clinic, and hospital settings. I know that speech-language pathologists are smart individuals who are passionate about improving the communication skills of their clients. However, I know that you recognize the high volume of cases, extensive documentation required, managing skills necessary to work with a variety of teams, and sometimes stress of meeting deadlines while delivering high level results. I want to help you experience gratitude for the life changing work you do everyday while enhancing your success and delivery of quality therapy services.


On my products page, you have direct access to speech-language therapy data collection tools and intervention materials to maximize success of children on your caseload. These resources will enhance your SLP work success by having ready to use materials. Keep in mind that it is best practice as an SLP and educator to use research based techniques while facilitating the use of  these products. During product development, I integrate essential language/literacy skills for students’ success and methods from available research (e.g. semantic processing hierarchy, use of semantic maps, effective memory/learning strategies, narrative/language development ).


I enjoy creating materials that will contribute to children making gains in their communication, language, and literacy skills. I look forward to helping you improve your SLP work success. How? I will teach you effective ways to improve your SLP productivity and efficiency. I will teach you how to deliver speech-language therapy services in a manner that keeps kids engaged and making progress while considering multicultural needs.  I will share quick and meaningful data collection methods and tools. You will gain new ideas about what to share with teachers and families to promote further gains of children’s speech-language skills.   You will have the confidence to deliver exceptional pediatric speech-language therapy services using best practices in the field.


I know that organizations and educators will benefit from guidance and practical steps with implementing systems to improve the communication, language, and literacy skills of young minds. I have worked with educators to improve related academic skills of students. I am available to share programs, strategies, and success recommendations according to identified learning growth goals through consultation and professional workshops.


Building Successful Lives (BSL) Speech & Language is committed to equipping you with the tools of excellence that you need to build successful lives through service to others. I encourage you to join me in this mission!












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